peace and hope

- peace and hope -

May the victims who had a traumatic disaster can regain peace and hope.
Keeping a clear mind, under big change what human can not cntrol, is important.

Serenity is important when you face the events what happen in your future in order to keep your clearness.

Focus your attention on breathing what will help you free from anxiety or fears.


 group session

  『 group session 』


  ● 2010.12/4 (土)
  ● 時間:10:00〜12:00
  ● 定員:5名
  ● 料金:10000円
  ● 場所:東京都内
  ● 〆切:11/23(祝)

   ●お問い合わせ・お申込みは →

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